Welcome to BC.B

Welcome to BC.B

The first thing you will notice is that things are done a little differently around here. There is no we; there is just me. You are more than just a number to me, so let’s discuss your needs — before you pay. It’s a refreshing change with Self‑Publishing, isn’t it?

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jo, and you will be talking to me. You might know me as an author writing under the name of ‘Jo Roderick’ and other pen names. As a perfectionist, I’ve spent years learning about the various services I now provide on this site. How can I assist you with with Self‑Publishing?


I don’t provide bulk designs, templates, or rubber stamps. Let’s face it; you came to this site expecting quality work. There is no pay-now-chat-later landing page in place because there are enough of those sorts of sites already. Instead, the content on my site is a showcase of what can be done by a professional.

What Does Self‑Publishing Mean?

There is a prevailing notion that Self‑Publishing means an inferior product, not worthy of a second glance. It is often used to imply that a writer has ‘failed’, but many successful authors have followed the Self‑Publishing route.

With Self‑Publishing, it means that you have taken control of your vocation and business. You are not held to ransom by any publisher or agent’s decisions. There is a sea of options, artists (myself included), and publishing avenues, never before available to authors. Therefore, Self‑Publishing is really Self‑Empowering. You make the choice that is most suited to your needs and requirements.

If you are about to publish, doesn’t your book deserve the best treatment? Should you have any additional questions not answered, please contact me to discuss your publishing needs.

This website is laid out in a logical, per service format so feel free to browse, and then send me a message.